Luis Palacios

My Story

Hello, I'm Luis Palacios. I'm a Full Stack Developer that loves finding solutions for problems through software. I'm passionate about code, not just writing code that works but also code that is nice to behold and maintain. I'm committed to this because I've had already written a lot of ugly code on the past that became a nightmare to maintain, that is why the best coding practices are a priority for me now! I want to continue learning, sharing and teaching everything about software development

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Personal Information

Name : Luis Palacios
Age : 30
Email :
Address : Managua, Nicaragua
Education : Bachelor in Computer Science
Position : Full Stack Developer


Main Languages I have learned and used for software development


Companies and Organizations where I have worked, I have grown, I have made friends and I have learn and deliver

Frameworks & Tools

Frameworks, tools, libraries and other that I have learned and used for software development.


Books in my collection that I highly recommend because of the personal impact they had on myself. You will also find my personal review for them.


Did I mention that I also like to write and share?


Good terminal experience on windows

With so many popular development tools that exist today that normally requires a CLI to work, the need for a good console application have become more clear. A console where you can be productive that has a nice look and feel is actually posible not only on UNIX Systems but also on Windows.


Get development started with Sitecore

This series is about getting stronger in Sitecore core concepts and some third party tools that will be helpful in the future such as Unicorn and Glass mapper you can consider this series a possible next step after the Fundamental Course.


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